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Virtual Communications: The Connection That Will Keep Your Business Running

Coronavirus has turned everyone’s world upside-down and delivered a real shock to our system.  As we navigate our way through these sudden and significant changes, resilience is essential. Good communication is at the heart of resilience.

We believe resilience is the process of adapting to change.

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During this pandemic, reliable, regular, and effective communications with your employees, clients, and colleagues are vital to sustaining morale, minimize business disruptions, and maintaining good business relationships.

And now, communicating with your stakeholders can only be done virtually – and this will be our new normal for quite a while.

In response to your needs, we adapted all of our renowned, customized business and sales presentation training, media interview training, crisis communications, webinar training classes, and other classes to a virtual format.

Our virtual training still teaches everything our classroom training provided.

  • We still provide expert instructions on everything business professionals need to develop and deliver credible and engaging presentations and media interviews.
  • We still customize every class to your business’ unique topics, audiences, and goals.
  • The classes are still very interactive with the instructor (not dull lectures!)
  • We still provide on-camera practice and replay for individual coaching and send you a copy to review later.
All classes now include teaching you how to look and sound like a pro
when using your laptop or desktop from home.

Just because you now use SKYPE, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other technology-based video conference platforms from home, you don’t have to look like an amateur. Every class now includes teaching a wealth of techniques that ensure you also look and sound professional and credible using virtual video communications.

a man looking at a screen with 12 live video conference windowsA new world, a new day

Our world will be different when this is over, but how well we adapt and emerge from it is a choice. So, my personal message to all of you is this:

Be kind, be selfless, think positive, be innovative, and we’ll come through this stronger!

Kindest regards,
Carmie McCook

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