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How You Can Help the World Food Programme Bring Peace to the World

The best part of my job is all of the inspiring people I have the privilege of working with. I recently had the honor of working with Barron Segar, CEO of the World Food Programme USA. I was thrilled when I heard the WFP was given the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace. This is a global honor truly deserved by a wonderful organization.

The World Food Programme does so much more than deliver food to those in need. They also transport medical supplies and protective equipment for workers fighting COVID-19 in places already overwhelmed by war and food shortages.

For millions, WFP workers are their only lifeline between life and death. The challenges WFP front line workers bravely face are nothing short of heroic. They boldly go into places where people face starvation due to diseases and climate-related disasters. They also risk their lives daily, transporting food and other life-saving necessities to people living in areas where warring parties use starvation as a weapon of war.

The World Food Programme does all of this entirely through voluntary donations. Funding is dependent on gifts from governments, businesses, and individual donations.

But, the need this year for greater funding has grown. Conflicts in more countries increased climate-related disasters, and the coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for financial support more than ever. At least $870 million is needed to continue giving life-saving assistance to millions of vulnerable people over the next several months. Without additional funding, many vital support WFP services will be unable to operate.

The World Food Programme USA works tirelessly to build American support to help end global hunger. Donations are desperately needed so they can continue doing their work. Please visit to learn more about The World Food Programme, and please donate.


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