Yale’s Environmental Students Get a Lesson in Public Speaking from a Pro

WASHINGTON, DC (May 4, 2010) – Twelve graduate students in Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies visited ten of Washington, DC’s top executives and government officials in the field of environmental issues this week. Their goal was simple: To learn more about the real-world skills necessary to be effective environmental leaders.

But, one visit was a bit unique to the group. Amid the visits to congressmen, the World Bank, the World Resources Institute, and other key players in the growing environmental arena, the student also spent time learning how critical strong communication skills are for current and future environmental leaders.

Carmie McCook, President of Carmie McCook & Associates is one of the countries top media and public speaking trainers. Dubbed, “The Queen of Green” by one of her clients, McCook has helped hundreds of spokespeople develop and deliver high impact and compelling messages on a variety of environmental issues.

“Global warming, Co2 emissions, glacier melting, deforestation, and other environmental changes are complex issues with far reaching consequences. Today’s environmental leaders and scientists realize they must have the communication skills to explain these complex issues in ways the general population can understand them,” says McCook. “That is the only way to get the worldwide support needed to resolve these growing environmental problems.”

McCook has helped some of the world’s largest power production companies as well as non-profit organizations prepare for high-profile senate hearing, media interviews, and world conferences on the subject. When the Pew Center on Global Climate Change was preparing for its trip to the environmental summit in Copenhagen last fall, McCook worked closely with the organization’s leadership team. “It was important that we developed and fine-tuned easy-to-understand key messages for worldwide media attention.”

“Carmie was incredibly interesting and helpful. She was one of the best parts of our trip,” said Jim Liu, one of the Yale students, a feeling echoed by the rest of the group.

“As the oil spill in the Gulf moves to possible record-breaking devastation, it is even more evident the challenges our future environmental leaders will face will be enormous,” said McCook. “I’m honored to be in a position to help these young men and women realize how essential their ability to communicate effectively will be as they move forward in their careers.”