What’s The difference? How to rock a TV and radio interview

As seen in Commpro.bizRegardless if you’re live on the radio or on TV, everything you say must be engaging and dynamic. However, the devil is in the details of the delivery. For instance, when you are being interviewed on radio, your vocal inflections and tone play a more crucial role, as it is the only way to connect with the audience.

Radio interviews slightly differ in terms of format. For instance, don’t get caught-off guard by the spirit of the “shock jock.” Given that radio needs content to capture the audience – think Howard Stern – the radio host might feel more empowered to go rogue to attract listeners. As the interviewee, it’s best to be on your toes and prepared for off the cuff questions.

With a TV interview, you have a few more “tools” at your disposal to communicate your message: body language, facial expressions plus vocal inflections. Using natural gestures when speaking, along with an expressive face, helps convey your passion on a topic. But, too often people stand motionless when responding to questions and their face seems to say, I’d rather be anywhere but here right now. This is a great example of the recently coined term “resting b**** face” when someone, unintentionally, just looks angry. You could have the greatest message in the world but if you have a sour puss, forget it!

So, whatever interview you’re participating in, not only practice delivering strong, concise messages, but also practice looking and sounding pleasant and engaging.