Engaging your audience thru silence

We’ve all been there: Stuck in a meeting where the presenter has drifted-off on a tangent, and seems to be rambling on for hours. They have completely lost your attention, and the following thoughts have crossed your mind:

  1. Why are they still talking?
  2. What is the point? Just get to it!
  3. I could have spent this time better!
  4. Could someone please pull the fire alarm so we can get out of here?
  5. You’ve tuned out, and no one can blame you.

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The pressures on: Three tips to deliver a presentation to a large audience cooly, credibly and without boring everyone

While watching the President’s State of the Union address a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of the many times I have worked with CEOs to deliver their annual “State of the Company” addresses. In both cases, there is an exorbitant amount of pressure to deliver often complex and substantive information in a way that everyone listening can understand and relate. All attention is on you: eyes and ears eager to hear your perspective on the organization. If you fail to inspire, you could negatively impact future business, sales opportunities, and investor confidence. Or, if you ignore the elephant in the room, or overpromise and under deliver, you run the risk of losing employee loyalty. No pressure, right?

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Eco-Friendly Events in Washington DC

French Embassy to US and British American Business Association (BABA) Hosting Energy and Environmental Events in Washington, DC

(Washington, D.C.) The French Embassy to the U.S. and the British American Business Association’s (BABA) Energy and Environmental Committee are hosting two separate events in the coming weeks to draw attention to the growing need for sustainable energy resources and environmental practices. These events are a prelude to COP21, the international conference on climate change in December 2015 in Paris, France.

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The Importance of Having a Crisis Communications Plan in Place for Emergency Management for Business

Crisis communications is often ignored by businesses until – quite suddenly – a public relations emergency erupts in the media, creating havoc with business bottom lines, personnel and brand recognition.

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BABA Hosts Luncheon November 12

ABA Hosts Luncheon in Washington D.C., Carmie McCook Invited Robert Hilton to Speak About Clean Energy and Sustainability Issues

BABA(Washington, D.C.)  The British American Business Association (BABA) will host an event, “Energy, Environment and the Power Industry – What’s a Company to Do?” featuring a talk by Robert Hilton, Vice President of Power Technologies for Government Affairs, ALSTOM Power Inc.   The BABA luncheon begins at 12 noon on November 12th, 2014, at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP, 700 Sixth Street, NW, Suite 700 in Washington D.C.  Hilton’s presentation occurs at 12:30 p.m.  The event is complimentary for BABA members and costs $20 for non-members.

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Piers Morgan’s Big Win: Christine O’Donnell Earns an “F” for Walking Off a CNN Interview and into a Firestorm

As seen in Commpro.bizIt has happened many times before, but the trend seems to be growing lately. Recently, rapper/singer Chris Brown did it on Good Morning America. Paris Hilton did it to ABC news reporter, Dan Harris. Sarah Ferguson did it on the Australian version of 60 Minutes. And, last week former Tea Party Senatorial candidate, Christine O’Donnell did it on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.
“It” is walking out of an interview because reporters asked them questions they obviously did not want to answer. Not a cool move, folks. The reporter, unless he or she has been a completely unprofessional louse, will always win. The “walker” will always be viewed as a coward with something to hide.

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Obama’s 4th of July Week Buzz Kill: How a Simple Shower Curtain Upstaged the President’s No-News Conference

As seen in Commpro.bizWay back in olden times, when I was a journalism major at Georgia State University, I was taught that a news conference was a big deal. It meant that someone had, well, some important news to share. I guess I missed class the day the professor added, “Just kidding!”

Much Ado about Nothing

This all came back to me last week when I heard daytime programming was interrupted for a Presidential news conference from the White House. I was not actually able to watch the live telecast, but as soon as I could, and thanks to YouTube, I made a point to view it later that day. But, one hour, seven minutes, and thirty-two seconds later, I was still waiting for the “news” part. I did not hear anything about new developments, different strategies, innovative solutions, or new problems.

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Politicians Gone Wild: Weiner’s “Walk of Shame” Resignation in Era of Sexting

Last week we were treated to the finale of another installment of the on-going reality show, “Politicians Gone Wild.” In this episode, the star, New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner (D-NY), announced due to “the distraction that I have created…I am announcing my resignation from Congress.”

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Look Who’s Talking: Chris Brown’s 3 Big TV Interview “No-No’s” – Lessons for PR Pros & CEOs

As seen in Commpro.bizR&B star Chris Brown, no stranger to making negative news headlines, pulled a triple whammy last week. At a time when his image is still tarnished from his 2009 assault on former girlfriend Rihanna, Brown’s interview on Good Morning America (GMA) and subsequent window-breaking rampage, did nothing to repair his reputation. In an effort to smooth things over, the following day he issued an apology … sort of.

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Obama’s News Conference on the Disaster in Japan – What We Can Learn?

Last Thursday afternoon President Obama held a brief news conference to address the growing fears about possible radiation leaks from one of Japan’s nuclear power plants hit hard by the earthquake there just more than a week ago. Since the disaster, reports have varied and rumors have spread like a virus about potential danger to people living in Japan as well as those living as far away as Hawaii and California.

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